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Tepo Consultancy is a dynamic sales and marketing company in the Central Belfast area. We are direct marketing specialists and presently represent clients in the financial and charitable sector. We act as a nexus between the customer and client facilitating a more personal experience for customers in an exclusively customer facing environment.


Our expertise in customer service are second to none and we implement our face to face acquisitions to a standard allowing for an excellent customer experience and a significant increase in sustainable client profitability.


We tailor our approach to the clients requirements and have open and consistent dialogue with them in order to realise their vision. We enjoy a symbiotic relationship and realising their Goals allows us to further our own.


“In a competitive and ever evolving market place Tepo Consultancy prides itself in its pursuance of innovative and practical brand consultation and marketing strategy implementation. We endeavour to execute the marketing strategies of major multinational organisations creating brand awareness, brand loyalty and an expansive customer base.”