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Why direct marketing?

Direct marketing is possibly the oldest form of marketing and has been happening from the dawn of time. In an age of modern technological advancement we are surrounded with the influence of social media and internet sensationalism. This definitely has a useful place in marketing but Tepo Consultancy sees the merits of face to face interaction to be greater. We  prefer the personal adaptable approach and see it as a niche in the market that we can take advantage of to the benefit of ourselves and our clients. We provide a cost effective avenue for our clients allowing them to maximise profit margins during a financially volatile period in the market.


Who do we target?

Market segmentation allows us to identify the appropriate people to target for each client we represent. The market research carried out by Tepo Consultancy allows us to select an appropriate medium whether that be business to business, business to consumer or through events and promotions. All media are customer facing allowing us to retain our unique selling point while adapting appropriately to the different industries our clients operate in. At the moment we focus on the events sector as it has been generating consistent results with our client base.