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Tepo Consultancy | Director - Tepo Consultancy

Name: Tiarnan O’Kane

Role: CEO Managing Director

Education: LLB Queens University Belfast


Managing Director, Mr Tiarnan O’Kane LLB, is a graduate of Queens University Belfast and is an emerging entrepreneur in the Belfast market. His experience is predominantly within the legal sector and he has now branched out into the marketing sector, working alongside major clients in the U.K. and beyond. As an avid sports fan the competitive nature of marketing was a major draw and the prospect of working with like minded people attracted Mr O’Kane to this industry. For the past two years Mr O’Kane has been heavily involved in charity work and the promotion of major charities in the Northern Ireland district and while maintaining  this important link he has recently diversified into the financial sector.
He has these words of advice for any budding young entrepreneurs.


“Making the transition from employee to entrepreneur can be a difficult one, the key to achieving this emanates from a combination of patience and surrounding yourself with the right people as quite often we become a product of our environment. The reality is that change causes upset but  the essence of success in business is a mentality. If you think you can, then you’re right, unfortunately if you think you can’t your probably also correct. I personally measure my business on a compass as opposed to a clock, the focus is that it needs to be  moving in the right direction.”


“Getting involved in the marketing business was a big change for me as I had previously focused my energy in the legal sector. Having become disenchanted with this sector I sought an exciting new direction to take my career where I could help myself and others more effectively. Establishing Tepo Consultancy  has allowed me the freedom to realise a dream of mine namely  to run my own business and develop others to meet their goals. I am a huge advocate of taking personal responsibility for everything happening in my business and operate a very hands on approach to fulfil our ambitions and goals. Here at Tepo Consultancy we are extremely opportunistic and are looking forward to the exciting challenges ahead; International expansion is our clear path to satisfy our ever growing client base and I am excited to see where the journey takes us next!”