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We aim to provide a three tiered approach for our client of consultation, formation and execution. Having a consultative style allows Tepo Consultancy to maximise client satisfaction and advise as to the most beneficial approach for them in the pursuit of their organisational goals.


We form strategy with the client and agree on the most advantageous marketing strategy in order to create brand awareness, cultivate brand loyalty and accelerate customer acquisition.  We follow the 5-P’s ‘perfect planning prevents pathetic performance’. We then execute and implement the agreed plan and work tirelessly towards the achievement of client specifications and client targets. Our substantive goal is a return of investment of 4:1 for our clients.

We aim towards achieving 100% customer satisfaction. Every customer leaves their experience with Tepo Consultancy feeling benefited and valued. We are massive advocates of the fact that “the customer is always right” and consistently seek feedback to perfect our service.

In an extremely dynamic and competitive environment Tepo Consultancy aims to expand and integrate into new markets. Our ambitious clientele require presence in these international markets and globalization is the ultimate goal to sate this demand. In the next 18 months we seek expansion into the U.K. and will be expanding to mainland Europe over the next 5 years. Our  vision is to act as an adhesive between client and customers.