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Tepo Consultancy | Consumer Pathway to Spending

Tepo Consultancy Analyse the Path to Consumer Spending

One of the most astonishing changes in marketing is in what is often referred to as the ‘path to consumer spending.’ As recently as last year, marketers believed that digital media was the way to capture an audience and secure sales for their clients. However,…

Leader- Tepo Consultancy

Tepo Consultancy on the Signs of a True Leader

According to Tepo Consultancy’s Director, Tiarnan Okane, there are certain behaviours that true leaders exhibit, and these are intrinsic to their basic nature. “Some people are born followers, some are inherently leaders but the one constant is that no one is both a leader and…

social media - Tepo Consultancy

Tepo Consultancy Explain Driving Sales with Social Media

Marketing has always been about driving sales but today’s marketers have a whole new perspective when it comes to interacting with the public. There was a time when companies allocated their budgets to airtime and print and then transitioned to online strategies such as PPC,…

Market and Trend - Tepo Consultancy

Tepo Consultancy Discuss Marketing Trends for 2015

Each year marketers look to statistical data to better understand where advertising budgets could best be spent, and quite often their predictions are close to the mark. As the ability to gather and interpret data improves with advances in technology, their forecasts are coming closer…

Tepo Consultancy | Vision

Tepo Consultancy Review the Power of a Simple Vision

The new year is a time for reflection, and a time to make exciting plans for the months ahead. That’s particularly true when it comes to business. Studying and revising business plans, and formulating new marketing strategies, can lay the foundations for a successful year,…