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Tepo Consultancy Discuss the Changing Face of Personal Communications

Everyone knows that digital communications have taken precedence over verbal interactions, but some of the statistics are beyond our wildest imaginings. Here, Tepo Consultancy takes a look at some of those numbers in order to make sense of the growing trend and how it will impact marketers going forward.

“Even though we are in the business of using digital mediums to market products and services for our clients,” says Tianan Okane, director of Tepo Consultancy, “we never cease to be amazed at just how quickly digital communications have exploded.” He goes on to cite some of the most surprising statistics that just keep growing exponentially almost by the day.

One of the most astounding statistics is that 79% of mobile phone users check their email online but only 43% of those having mobile phones actually use them to make phone calls. That, in itself, is an odd statistic seeing that the ‘phone’ is intended primarily for phone calls!

Here is another fact that marketers need to look at. Each day messages sent through social media sites number at least 4.1 billion. It is no surprise taking into consideration the popularity of social sites and given their popularity, why so many marketers use this medium to advertise products and services for their clients. However, the number of texts from mobile phones in the United States is even higher than that! And emails sent daily are triple that number.

“Then we have to look more closely at social media sites,” he continues, “Of those 4.1 billion people who message daily, 23% of Facebook users check their accounts at least 5 times each and every day. The ramifications are huge from a marketing perspective.”

So then, with the rapid growth of digital communications, fewer people are actually carrying on face to face conversations than ever before in the past. Whilst it would seem as though promotions such as live events would be less popular, they are actually more in demand than ever before. The reason being, people are actually craving real human interaction.

Although more and more people are communicating through mobile devices, there is still a real need for the personal touch in sales. Social media texts and Tweets can keep customers informed, engage them and lead them to e-commerce sites where they can be converted, “But there’s nothing quite like talking to a live sales consultant who will let you ‘try before you buy’” Tianan Okane concludes. And that’s one of the reasons why Tepo Consultancy are so successful at direct marketing.