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Tepo Consultancy Examine the Most Common Leadership Characteristics

Every day one group or another is publishing a study, some of which are boring beyond words. However, recently the British Council surveyed professional leaders around the globe and it is interesting to note what they found as the three most common leadership characteristics. Here, Tepo Consultancy examine these common characteristics in an effort to explain just what it takes to be a leader in your respective industry.

Of the 1,709 business professionals who responded, the most common characteristic of leaders (in industries across the board) is a degree in some discipline within the social sciences. The managing director of Tepo Consultancy comments that “We thought this was quite interesting, especially in our line of work. It tells us that a true leader has a firm grasp of human nature in regards to the social and psychological factors that drive us to succeed. A leader needs to be able to analyse the psychological makeup of  members in order to incentivise them to excel in their role. Knowing what drives each member of your office is the key to getting the most from their performance.”

The next two most common characteristics in leaders around the world is in the fact that they have a) worked abroad or b) studied abroad. Tepo Consultancy see this as offering the experience needed to work with and lead a wide range of personalities. When working or studying abroad it becomes necessary to assimilate into cultures that may be totally different from that in which they were raised. “We have noticed this over the years and it is nice to see that an ‘official’ study was conducted that validates our findings,” he continues. A leader needs to have the ability to communicate with just about every type personality imaginable to keep cohesion amongst the group.

Those three ‘qualifications’ of a great leader prepare them with the necessary interpersonal skills so very necessary in a leader. It could be a leader, an office manager or even the director of a large corporation. A leader is a leader on any level and it is vital that he or she is able to work with and draw out the best in literally every personality type.

Tepo Consultancy is proud of the fact that each and every one of their members of business-to-business marketing entrepreneurs has what it takes to be a great leader. Each is called on from time to time to head up for clients and their outstanding communications and interpersonal skills give them the advantage over the competition. “It’s just good to see a study that confirms what we’ve always known. Those who have the most experience with the broadest range of personalities can step into leadership naturally.”