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Tepo Consultancy | Tepo Consultancy Explain Why Businesses Need a Closer Look at SEO Strategies


Tepo Consultancy Explain Why Businesses Need a Closer Look at SEO Strategies

Although there has been much attention given to Search Engine Optimised (SEO) strategies, many business owners don’t really understand that some strategies are not only ineffective but can work against you in the long term. Here Tepo Consultancy, UK based direct marketing firm, explains why businesses need to take a closer look at SEO strategies they use.

Tiarnan Okane, director of Tepo Consultancy, explains that there are actually two very distinct types of strategies and that the difference needs to be understood. “Many people don’t understand that there is a very real difference between on-page SEO and off-page SEO and whilst both are intended to build traffic and ultimately sales, they need to be strategized based on where the content is to be placed.”

Here, Tiarnan also mentions that many business owners also misunderstand the actual purpose of SEO. “The term SEO, search engine optimisation, means something other than what many people envision it as. SEO is, and always should be, used to give your website or web pages higher visibility with the SERPs. SEO does not sell products or services and if you think that finding the right SEO strategy is where it stops you can leave yourself open to failure. To put it plainly, SEO is simply a strategy to get visitors to your site.”

Once there, Tiarnan explains that well-written and informative content is a huge part of what does the selling, but that has nothing really to do with what SEO is all about. Then, understanding that Google, Bing and Yahoo have very specific rules about the use of SEO that can make or break a site. Tiarnan suggests that businesses hire professional SEO and copywriting professionals so that your site is compliant with current algorithms.

He says that on-page SEO involves looking at where to use those keywords you’ve researched such as in title tags, page content, headings and even in meta descriptions. There are very precise rules for using SEO keywords meant to be visible with the search engines and so an SEO strategy needs to play by the rules.

Tepo Consultancy really wants businesses to understand is that SEO is strategized to build rankings, that is to say visibility with the search engines and placement on their search engine results pages. Your strategy is important to get traffic to your site but he also emphasises the point that SEO is not meant to sell products. That is another strategy altogether.

Let SEO strategies get people to your site then use other marketing strategies to sell your products or services. SEO is really much more involved than many believe and it’s why he recommends hiring professionals to build a strategy that is right for you.