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Tepo Consultancy Explore Building Trust through Body Language

For years, experts have been studying body language as a nonverbal form of communication but recently there has been a resurgence of interest as marketers seek to understand how to use it when building brand and increasing sales. Tianan Okane, director of Tepo Consultancy, explores the impact certain mannerisms can have on building trust when speaking with prospects.

“One of the things we tend to get a laugh out of is when someone is said to have ‘shifty eyes’ or ‘beady eyes’ because the eyes truly are the mirror of the soul. I can’t remember offhand who coined that phrase, but it is ultimately the truth. You can tell so much about a person just by looking into their eyes whilst they are speaking to you,” he says.

Typo Consultancy office members knows that it is possible to instil trust in a person or product by keeping eye contact with the prospect you are speaking with. Once your eyes begin to wander it signals either lack of interest, or something you are not quite comfortable with.

Another thing to consider when speaking is to be open and expressive with arm movements. Closing them across your chest signals that you are not open to hearing what the other is saying and that is one of the most important aspects of direct sales. Consumers want to be heard. They want to ask questions and of course, they want answers. Open arms invite them in but closed arms signal you have no interest in them or what they are saying.

Some experts believe that you should take a like stance to what the person you are talking to is taking. This seems to show a connection and does help to build a rapport. However, don’t make it blatantly obvious that you are mimicking their stance or it could be construed as making fun of them. This has happened in the past to well-meaning conversationalists, so avoid being too obvious.

Finally, Tianan Okane advises, “Never be afraid to smile. A warm smile shows that you are comfortable in their presence and that you invite them to talk to you.” Nothing works better than a warm, genuine smile and if you are trying to build trust in yourself or your client’s brand, don’t forget to smile.

Tepo Consultancy knows that one of the main objectives they have when working with clients in literally any market is to build trust in their brand. By using these tips on effective body language, it is easy to communicate with prospects in a way that naturally instils a sense of trust in them. Whether speaking before a group or on a one-to-one basis, remember that your body speaks just as loudly as you do, so use it wisely.