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Tepo Consultancy | Tepo Consultancy Look at the Impact of Social Ambassadors on Branding


Tepo Consultancy Look at the Impact of Social Ambassadors on Branding

More businesses than ever before are beginning to see the role social media is playing on building brand and as time goes on, research is showing that consumers actually rely on this platform when making buying decisions. This is no secret and marketing groups around the globe are harnessing the power of social media to build brand and instil customer loyalty. However, Tepo Consultancy finds that the best way to build brand along with customer trust and loyalty is to encourage and maybe even reward your workers for taking the role of social ambassadors. This is highly effective on a number of levels.

According to director Tiarnan Okane, one of the most important prerequisites to effective marketing is in understanding what motivates consumers to buy, or not, as the case may be. He says, “With life expectancy increasing by the day, there are so many generations to market to and each has its own set of buying criteria. What motivates one group may not motivate the next generation and so forth. However, one thing is common to all ages and socioeconomic classes and that is social media. We are social creatures, although cliché, and will form strong bonds on social sites.”

Tiarnan goes on to explain that there is another level to social engagement and one that is, to date, virtually untapped. He believes that a company’s workers are their best social ambassadors and a happy workers and business partners who posts positive things and will have “a bigger impact than all the advertising in the world.” The reason for this is because the group with the most buying power is the Millennials and they are the group with a social conscience. Study after study has proven that Millennials will buy sooner from a company that cares about the earth, the needy and indeed. With this in mind, creating a company culture where people are treated well and encouraged to be social ambassadors will profit much more than one where social activity is policed.

The bottom line is that consumers are encouraged to buy from companies that treat their shareholders well and when they have built a ‘social relationship’. This form of PR, being a social ambassador, is more trusted than a company Tweeting or messaging on Facebook. Why? Because they are expected to promote their brand and products whereas workers would most likely complain if unhappy. Create social ambassadors and watch your business literally explode.