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Tepo Consultancy Look at Visual Branding

They say you should never judge a book by it’s cover, but deep down it’s something that we all do. An eye catching visual appearance can be the crowning glory for a brand, and can help convert interest into sales. A recent article in Entrepreneur magazine looked at the secrets of creating highly effective visual branding. Here, Tepo Consultancy consider the article, and how to make the most out of your visuals and graphics.

“As an entrepreneur, you know how important it is to get a product or service just right, before it goes to market, but the graphics that accompany it can be just as important”, said Tianan Okane MD of Tepo Consultancy. “This isn’t only relevant to a product’s packaging, but to all the branding that surrounds it. From a company logo, to advertising material, it’s essential that it’s joined up, and promotes your brand in the best possible light.”

Social media continues to develop. It’s estimated that are around 7.5 million Facebook posts, and nearly 1 million tweets made every day. Amidst all that text, how can a message get noticed? The answer is by the use of accompanying visuals. Modern consumers love striking visual effects, so that social media posts containing pictures and videos are much more likely to be viewed and shared. This isn’t only relevant to online content marketing, traditional marketing materials are much more likely to be effective if they’re beautifully designed, and catch the eye of consumers. The article looks at ways to achieve this.

The use of colour is important. It should be striking, but not distracting. No more than four colours should be used, and you should use colours that are consistent with your own corporate branding. The next thing to consider is the images themselves. There are many stock images available, but make the choice carefully, rather than choosing the first relevant one. The layout is also vitally important. Don’t have a layout that’s too complex, and remember – you can add your own personal touch to it by including your company logo as a watermark in the corner of each image used. Consideration should also be given to the typography of the words used. Use a font that’s easy to read, especially at a distance, but not one that’s used by everybody else.

“Visual branding can be very effective when used the right way, but there’s a lot to take into consideration”, said Tianan Okane. “That’s why it can pay dividends to seek advice from marketing experts, who understand what the public are looking for.”

Tepo Consultancy can help businesses with their visual branding. Their bespoke marketing campaigns improve customer acquisition and brand growth, and bring real returns on investment.