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Tepo Consultancy Review the Effects of Body Posture in Presentations

Across every industry, there are countless business presentations occurring every single day. While many wish to think that the information presented in these presentations determines decisions and outcomes, there in reality is a lot more that can affect the impression gleaned from these events. Among them, professional attire, voice control and body posture all play key roles. Here, Tepo Consultancy review the effects that body posture can have on the outcome of presentations, making it possible for other marketing firms and entrepreneurs to learn from their lessons and improvements.

Before any presentation commences, Tepo Consultancy’ Managing Director recommends some unconventional advice. “Make yourself feel like the most important person in the world”, he quipped. “Spend a couple of minutes in front of the mirror – chest out and hands on the waist – in a display of self-confidence and importance”, he said. Preparation methods such as these can help boost confidence and give presenters a bit of a boost when doing the actual presentation.

Once presentation time comes, it is important for the individual to maintain proper body posture in the form of standing tall. While nobody should be standing on their toes, humans naturally gravitate to and respect people who keep their backs and legs straight: this is because it maximizes height and indicates confidence. Tepo Consultancy reported a correlation between improper height distribution and the lack of leaving good impressions following a presentation, so it is crucial that marketing agencies in particular follow this advice. In addition to appearing tall, it is also necessary to appear open; this means avoiding the taboos of folded arms, crossed legs, or anything else that indicates resistance to the audience.

Tepo Consultancy has a few more pieces of advice that relate to body posture and successful business presentations. First, always be sure to maintain eye contact with various audience members in the room. A good form of eye contact lasts anywhere from 2-3 seconds, and alternates between various people in the room. Be sure to take advantage of any space at the front of the room – never stand perfectly still or slouch about in one place. Ownership of the presentation space helps convey a sense of dominance without appearing to be aggressive or overbearing. Lastly, be sure to use the hands to convey emotion, importance, and other critical aspects of any presentation.

Tepo Consultancy is continuing its trend of becoming a powerful and multi-faceted marketing firm. As more and more marketing firms seek to emulate its success, they no doubt will seek ways in which elements such as presentation delivery can be improved.