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Tepo Consultancy | Typo Consultancy Look at Customer Focused Decision Making Strategies


Tepo Consultancy Look at Customer Focused Decision Making Strategies

One of the things which should always be present in a marketing group is the ability to carry forward a customer focused strategy. Not only should your marketer be insightful but he should have the capacity to provide key decision making changes both in the company as well as in the way products and services are developed, advertised and marketed. Tepo Consultancy find that a great marketing firm should be able to offer helpful insights but also provide key ways in which the company can focus on what it is that customers truly want in order to provide those products and services going forward.

“When we partner with companies as their outsourced marketing fuctions, it is our duty to stay in touch with the pulse of what consumers are looking for within that particular sector. We have the ability to work one on one with consumers and are able to engage them in meaningful communications. We take these insights back to our clients so that they can incorporate them into their research and development strategies. Marketing isn’t only about selling what is currently available from our clients but also about helping them to find ways to better serve their target audience. This often means developing new technology or products in keeping with what people are looking for at any given moment in time. If we can help our clients in customer focused decision making strategies we have done our job,” says Tianan Okane, director of Tepo Consultancy.

Oddly, marketing is often responsible for the development of innovations that would otherwise perhaps have gone undeveloped. Marketers are on the advance line and when selling products and services are the ones who get to understand that current offerings may not be meeting the needs of customers they engage with. By helping companies develop a company culture conducive to making customer focused decisions in literally every department they are helping that company to grow into the future.

As a Belfast based marketing group, Tepo Consultancy knows the importance of being customer focused not only in sales but in everything from product development to sales and ultimately customer service. Tianan says that “This is one thing that is sorely lacking in virtually every industry and it’s time we put the customer back where they should be, at the centre of everything we do. Without customers we wouldn’t stay in business long. Since they are the ones signing our pay checks, it’s time we gave them the respect they deserve.” Marketing then should have the task of providing those much needed insights so that the companies they work with and for can be empowered to develop and institute customer focused strategies.